Helping to create a more just world is integral to the mission of ERUUF and to transforming lives, including our own. Whether you only have an hour here or there or want to get deeply involved in an on-going commitment, your participation in the justice work of ERUUF is welcome and needed. You will find community here to support your values in action, as hundreds of ERUUFians are involved in justice ministry - from baking cookies for meals at the shelter to lobbying our lawmakers for better environmental laws. From marching in Raleigh or D.C. to serving as tutors at El Centro Hispano. There are many ways to be involved. Check out our various justice ministries and activities. 

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Justice work takes multiple forms here - education, advocacy, witness, action and transformation.

Education challenges us to change so that the way we live our lives does not have unintended consequences that support injustice.

Advocacy does the hard work of educating others and contributing to public awareness or policy solutions by engaging with the legislative process and a wider public.

Witness requires us to share our convictions and be an exemplary model of living out our values and principles.  

Action and service helps feed, clothe, support, train, and lift up the oppressed and creates programs that produce positive change. 

Transformation, the changing of lives, happens by providing opportunities for all participants to increase self-reflection, sensitivity, confidence, ability, and spiritual growth. The end result is empowerment and the ability to organize and produce change in the greater world, 

                                                          Justice Ministry Structure FY 2018-2019

                                                                              as of 7/17/18

 The ERUUF Congregation 

Including Justice Ministry Associates

Areas of Concern & Active Action Groups

Meets periodically to share accomplishments, challenges, and ideas.

Justice Ministry Council

Meets monthly.

FosteringEconomic Equity/ Alleviating Poverty

-Sister Comm. San Ramon

-Homeless Action Group

-Durham Congregations, Associations,

  and Neighborhoods (CAN)

-Lakewood Backpack Buddies

Collaborative Partnerships

-El Centro Hispano


Advancing Human Rights


-Refugees and Immigrants

Collaborative Partners

-Durham Pride

-Triangle Interfaith Advocates for

  Refugees and Immigrants (TIARI)

-Church World Service



Caring for the Earth

-Earth Justice:

--Green Sanctuary

--Community Edible Landscape

--Plant-Based Diet ERUUFians    

Collaborative Partnerships

-Citizens Climate Lobby

-NC Warn



Tom Fletcher

Justice Associates Coordinator

Doug Rhodes

Communication Coordinator


Planning Coordinator

Denise Frizzell 

Budget Coordinator

Holly Kingdon

Areas of Concern Liaisons

Fostering Economic Equity/Alleviating Poverty - Bo Glenn

Advancing Human Rights - Bob Hollister

Caring for the Earth- Albert Hardy

Advancing Democracy-Emily Cox

Minister, Staff Partner

Jacqueline Brett


Advancing Democracy

-You Can Vote Project

Multi-Area Collaborative Partnerships

-Generosity Sunday   Committee  

-Durham Congregations in   Action (DCIA)

-Urban Ministries    

--UU Justice Ministry   of North Carolina

Annual Special Events

30 Days of Love

Service Saturdays


Poor People's’ Campaign

CROP Hunger Walk

Housing for New Hope (*Christmas only)