Term: 2017-2020

I found my spiritual home at ERUUF in 1995 and almost immediately joined the choir. Ever since I have continued participating with our various choral ensembles. I joined the Fellowship in 1997 and have found many ways to get involved. In the past I have served as a greeter and member of the garden committee. I have helped facilitate several classes for Wednesday Night Connections. I have served on the music committee and sound committee for several years.

In 2006, I helped form the Environmental Steering Committee which has evolved to become the Earth Justice Action Group which I am currently co-leading. I serve on the Justice Ministry Council as liaison from that group and as Communications Coordinator. I served on the Board from 2009-2012 to help usher in a new period of leadership with Rev. Cayer as our called minister. As a member of the Board, I helped form the Healthy Congregation Committee.  My IT skills and experience have enabled me to help with data entry for the auction for several years.

My participation at ERUUF has been rewarding in so many ways. One of the most fulfilling activities is small group discussions—both ad hoc and ongoing (as in covenant groups). In these discussions, I have heard your dreams and your visions for ERUUF, which excite me to consider the amazing potential we have as a Fellowship. Nancy and I were married in 2013 by Rev. Cayer and enjoy participating in a covenant group and beautifying our home and garden near Duke Forest in Orange County.