Becoming the Change

THIS GROUP IS FULL AS OF OCT. 24, 2017. You can sign up and be added to the waitlist.

Where: The Chapel
When: Regular meeting day and time: The 2nd Monday* of each month, 7 - 9 pm

Purpose: The process of becoming a community that truly lives out our expressed commitment to racial equity and inclusion (REI) has the potential to be transformative for each of us individually and as a spiritual community. The Becoming the Change Group holds promise as a catalyst for this transformation by providing opportunities for participants to:

  • deepen relationships and build trust across lines of difference
  • nourish and renew our spirits as we engage in this work
  • become more effective and empowered agents of change within, and outside of, ERUUF

Description: This group is being organized by the Change Team*, and it will ideally consist of Change Team and Multicultural Team members plus a comparable number of other ERUUF members or friends. We expect group members to be open to the possibility of being changed by this experience. In addition, we ask that you commit to meeting for two hours once a month for about one year and that you participate as fully and consistently as possible. We envision that group dialogues will unfold in three phases.

First, we will share personal stories about the life experiences that have shaped us into persons with differing perspectives and ways of being in the world. We will examine how these experiences have influenced the groups that we connect with, where we feel at home, whom we consider to be “one of us”, and who seems like a stranger.

Next, we will explore how our group affiliations and preferences serve us well and the extent to which they have become too limiting. Where do we get stuck? Why is change so difficult? Which spiritual practices, inner strengths, and skills can support us in dismantling the walls that isolate us from others and impede change?

Finally, we will engage in discernment about what we are being called to do moving forward. In other words, how can we best support ERUUF in making our dream of becoming a Beloved Community a reality?

Anticipated Outcome: Participation in Becoming the Change will enhance our capacity to be effective agents for REI change at ERUUF. This is an important complement to the structural/policy changes that are being implemented under the direction of the Lead Minister.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. If you have questions, please contact Diane Blount () or Lillie Searles (). Interested in joining - please fill out the form below.

*The Change Team supports ERUUF’s efforts to dismantle racism and promote racial equity and inclusion. The members of this team are Elizabeth Ault, Diane Blount, Linda Brooks, Dan Grandstaff, Paula Quick Hall, David Huber, Bonnie LaCroix, Lillie Searles, Jacqueline Brett (ex officio), and Rev. Deborah Cayer (ex officio).