Worship, Music and the Arts — 33%

Inspiring worship services that urge us out of our comfort zone and nurture our hearts.
Magnificent music in a variety of genres to boost the spirit and calm the soul.
Programs that go deep and wide to connect, engage, and transform.

Religious Education — 27%

Over 170 children and youth regularly attend RE as they search for truth, not doctrine.
Curricula (OWL, Coming of Age, Neighboring Faiths) that encourage individual growth and help navigate the transition from child to adult.
Justice-centered projects enabling young people to make meaningful contributions to the community.

Justice and Outreach — 18%

Building solidarity with Muslim, LGBTQ, African American and immigrant friends and neighbors.
Feeding the hungry and saving the earth from ongoing social and environmental threats.
Raising awareness of racial equity and inclusion, advancing democracy, and alleviating poverty.
Green Sanctuary Accreditation, a commitment to earth justice and our 7th Principle, “respect for the interdependent web of life of which we are part.”

Pastoral Care — 17%

Our ministers work together with a Care Team of ERUUFians to provide pastoral services during difficult times, personal tragedies, and celebrations.

Support Larger UU Movement — 5%

We gladly give to the Unitarian Universalist Association and groups (Black Lives UU, Generosity Sunday, disaster relief groups) in sharing our values and principles with the larger world. The UUA provides leadership on justice issues, materials for religious education, and support for vital, healthy congregations.Pie Chart 6 w space









Urban Ministries


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