Coming of Age (COA)

COA is a program for 9th-10th grades to assist youth in clarifying and articulating their personal beliefs and to grow more deeply into Unitarian Universalism. COA supports youth in creating a vision about who they would like to be and what they would like to do for the world. Each youth is paired with an adult mentor to support them on their journey of discovery and help create connections between youth and the adult congregation. The program culminates with a celebration dinner and youth-led worship service in which youth share their personal credos.

Boston Trip

As part of the Coming Of Age curriculum, an optional trip to visits the roots of Unitarian Universalism is included near the end of the program.

Program Fees

Regular class fees $
Boston trip $

Payment Options

Please pay fees through:

  • our online giving portal - use the RE fees option - pay now
  • via check to the RE office

Dates: September - May