Expectations of Child/Youth Behavior and Parent Consent

Positive behavior, interaction and participation are the basic principles of a healthy and safe learning environment. Negative behaviors detract from the learning environment we strive to create in the ERUUF Religious Education programs and the CARE building. These behaviors include disruptive activities, refusing to positively participate in activities, disrespect of others. No violence in word or deed. No “put downs”, only “pull ups”. No weapons, real or imaginary. No exclusive behavior.

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What is the ERUUF philosophy of the Religious Education for Children and Youth?

The mission of ERUUF Religious Education for Children and Youth is to deepen spiritual growth in a joyous covenantal community with inclusive, diverse, and multigenerational experiences within and beyond our walls.

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UU Principles

The Children’s version of the UU Principles:
(to the tune of “Doe a Deer”)

One, Each person is important;
Two, Be kind in all you do;
Three, We’re free to learn together;
Four, We search for what is true;
Five, All people need a voice;
Six, Build a fair and peaceful world;
Seven, We take care of the earth.

Teacher Resources

Covenantal relationship is part of the mission of ERUUF. Modeling and expecting respectful behavior is how we affirm the inherent worth and dignity or all people and to all living things. Setting clear and limited expectations and consequences with children and youth in your care is how we model respect. The suggested covenant below can be used for younger children up to 3rd grade. Covenants for older youth can be created together, again limit the expectations and the consequences. Use only affirmative language (e.g. Refrain from using the words ”not," or “no” when creating expectations)

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Sing-a-Long Album

Free for all to use, Unitarian Universalist Sing-a-long Songs have been curated to be used in RE classes and events. Audio and workbook media are available below.